Welcome to Healing Arts

Crystal Balancing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, & Reiki   

Civilisations since the birth of time have utilised the energy of the Universe and the Earths gifts to heal.  Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki and Crystals work together to nurture our Body, Mind and Spirit.

Ancient man understood that we  were a part of nature and have a life force which flows around and within us.  The energy flows in a set pattern with junctions where lines of energy cross.  These junctions can become blocked and our life force cannot freely flow in and around our body. When this occurs we become sick , hurt or depressed. 

In Jin Shin Jyutsu these blockages are released by gently placing fingers over the affected areas. With Reiki the hands are placed on or just above the body and the energy is radiated through the palm of the hand. Crystals are placed down the center of the body, in the hands and by the  feet.. Their unique vibrations breaking down the blockages. 

I will always give you instruction as to how to continue treating yourself or general self help in order to keep well.  All 3 methods are non-invasive. Each one heals the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual bodies and cannot do any harm. All can be used alongside any regime prescribed by your Medical Practitioner. Indeed I encourage clients to inform their doctor of the steps they are taking to facilitate their own well being.