Your Treatment.

To be comfortable wear loose clothing. Only your shoes are removed and you may lie or sit down. Treatments can be given to people in wheelchairs.  Each session usually lasts about 60 minutes.. A feeling of warmth or a slight tingling sensation may be  experienced.  The treatment will continue to work on your body over the next twelve hours. Aura Soma, quintessence's & pomanders, may also be put into the air around you during the session.

Crystals are wonderful for relaxation and in balancing the bodies energy. Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki are gentle and powerful, both perfect for first aid as well as more serious problems such as the effects of cancer, asthma, multiple sclerosis etc. They are also good for everyday colds, fatigue , PMT etc.


Please allow 75—90 minutes for your first treatment and 60 minutes for each subsequent visit.

Single appointments                                            $60

5 appointments to be taken inany 6 month period  $250

Ear Candling  $30 both ears

Gift Vouchers $ figure of your choice

Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help & the 3 Reiki Degree Classes are available on a regular basis please enquire as to cost & times.